This news section displays the publications authored by our members who decided to use BRCP as an affiliation, besides other outstanding achievements of BRCP and its members. It is currently only visible to members.

[PAPER] "Probing Quantum Coherence at a Distance" by S. Horvat, Flavio Del Santo et al.

Apr 29, 2020

[PAPER] "Searching for Coherent States, From Origins to Quantum Gravity" by Pierre Martin-Dussaud

Apr 3, 2020

[PAPER] Indeterminism, causality and information: Has physics ever been deterministic? An essay by Flavio Del Santo

Mar 11, 2020

[PAPER] Partially Observable Systems and Quotient Entropy via Graphs by Leonhard Horstmeyer

Jan 10, 2020

[NEWSPAPER] Contribution in a Ukrainian newspaper by Leonhard Horstmeyer

Jan 10, 2020

[PAPER] An Unpublished Debate Brought to Light: Karl Popper's Enterprise against the Logic of Quantum Mechanics by Flavio Del Santo

Dec 8, 2019

[PAPER + PRIZE] "Essay Contest Prize 2018" of APS to the paper "Striving for Realism, not for Determinism: Historical Misconceptions on Einstein and Bohm" by Flavio Del Santo

Dec 12, 2018

[PAPER] "Karl Popper's Forgotten Role in the Quantum Debate at the Edge between Philosophy and Physics in 1950s and 1960s" by Flavio Del Santo

Nov 2, 2018

[PAPER] "The notion of locality in relational quantum mechanics" by Pierre Martin-Dussaud, Carlo Rovelli and Federico Zalamea

Jun 21, 2018

[PAPER] "Demolishing prejudices to get to the foundations" by Flavio Del Santo and Chiara Cardelli

Feb 13, 2018

[PAPER] "The Two-fold Role of Observables in Classical and Quantum Kinematics" by Federico Zalamea

Nov 18, 2017

[PhD. THESIS] "Chasing Individuation: Mathematical Description of Physical Systems" by Federico Zalamea

Dec 9, 2016

[PhD THESIS] "Space Charge Effects and Advanced Modelling for CERN Low Energy Machines" by Adrian Oeftiger

Sep 28, 2016

[PAPER] "Characterization of Exact Lumpability for Vector Fields on Smooth Manifolds" by Leonhard Horstmeyer and Fatihcan M. Atay

Jul 5, 2016

[PAPER] "Local quantum information dynamics" by Ryszard PaweĊ‚ Kostecki

May 6, 2016