The Basic Research Community for Physics (BRCP) is an independent international association of scientists founded in 2015 who share the following beliefs:

  1. The current orientation of research is largely directed towards producing specialized results. However, we consider it equally crucial to debate questions at the core of each branch of science. Stimulating such debate and questioning fundamental assumptions is inseparable from scientific endeavour and essential for keeping sight of the bigger picture.
  2. We believe that the questions and problems in scientific research should be approached in an open-minded and non-dogmatic way. Questioning current paradigms should be allowed and encouraged instead of being dismissed.
  3. We believe in science as a community-based pursuit of knowledge, which should not be evaluated by commercial interest. We therefore seek to promote a cooperative and respectful, rather than competitive, atmosphere for scientific research.


The BRCP has an irregular public newsletter "friends of BRCP", informing about our own and other interesting events. Please feel free to subscribe with your e-mail address here.

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Member statements

My main interests are in the foundations of quantum mechanics, and in particular what quantum mechanics can tell us about the fundamental nature of reality. I'm interested in specific theories in physics which try to address foundational questions - in particular I have worked on collapse theories - but more broadly, I'm interested in re-joining physics with philosophy, so that we develop our physics and our metaphysics at the same time.

Daniel Goldwater

For me BRCP is a running experiment in an unorthodox grassroots scientific community emergence, with a focus on foundational concerns, and nonparadigmatic intersubjectivity.

Ryszard PaweĊ‚ Kostecki

I'm glad an organisation like BRCP exists, which fosters original and independent thinking, something essential for healthy scientific endeavours. I'm happy to engage in discussions, collaborative events and, in general, any activities that provide feedback and stimulus to my own research.

Pedro Naranjo

To me the BRCP is a place, where the word research community refers to an actual community rather than a set of otherwise unrelated individuals. It is platform where things can be tried out.

Leonhard Horstmeyer

For me, the BRCP is the realisation of the idea that research has to be an independent, creative and cooperative human adventure. It gives a setting to meet people with the same believes, and a structure to organise conferences and workshops in this spirit.

Alexander Thomas

I see BRCP as a community of people with the same existential passion about the research of an always deeper understanding of nature. This inevitably involves us to question the basic assumptions underlying science. I believe that BRCP aims to be a community of people ready to radically change their philosophical beliefs and to be flexible in their attitude.

Lorenzo Catani

The BRCP is here to recall that the daily job of a physicist is nothing else but to advance our understanding of Nature. This is done most efficiently if the scientific community creates an honest, collaborative, but also critical environment.

Vaclav Zatloukal

BRCP wants to encourage a healthy critical attitude towards modern academia and to advocate the importance of fundamental research. It shall foster communication on these topics to help clarify opinions and to give birth to new ideas. BRCP can be a label whose ideas people can identify with and with this gain self-confidence for this specific part of their thinking.

Bernadette Lessel

The BRCP was a relieve for me, finally I met people that can imagine to be critical with science!

Florian Buchholz

Creativity and the quest of deep understanding suffocate under the pressure of productivity. The BRCP allows me to find an environment of freedom and independence, where knowledge can grow in uncontrolled directions.

Federico Zalamea

For me BRCP is a refreshing oasis of ideas and collaboration. It is a community of scientists with shared beliefs in the importance of: investigating foundational questions in physics, philosophy and interplays between the two; having open channels of communication between different fields for exchange of knowledge, perspectives and criticisms; being open-minded to discuss and debate new, possibly unconventional ideas and lines of research; and overall encouraging honesty and integrity in research.

Isha Kotecha

The BRCP is the international network of academics and students that I always belonged to in some way, even if I didn't know it personally. The common denominator of this diverse and dynamic group of people is an interest in foundational topics in the fields of physics, mathematics and philosophy of science; precisely what I am most passionate about.

Carlos Zapata Carratala

For me, the BRCP is an attempt to bring together researchers who share a passion about big picture questions in physics, and who strive towards honest, open and non-dogmatic science.

Johannes Kleiner

Belonging to the BRCP reminds me that science is about the pursuit of knowledge; that it needs to be an open, honest and collective enterprise; and that it needs to permanently criticize its foundations.

Joan Vazquez Molina