Louis Garbe

Louis Garbe





Affiliated institution

TU Munich

Research & Interests

Research topics: quantum optics, quantum metrology, critical phenomena
Layman's interests: history in general, particularly of art and science, foundations of quantum mechanics.


In my view, the activity of scientific research has undergone three profound changes in the last decades. First, the research has in many areas become very specialized. Many of the low-hanging fruits have been plucked already, driving many researchers to acquire advanced technical skills to squeeze results out of ever-reducing pockets of novelty. Second, the organisation of research has become more competitive and based on quantifiable results. Third, the very number of researchers has exploded; meaning that whichever idea you may have, someone somewhere has probably the same. I see some of these changes as the result from political decisions, and others as the natural consequence of the advancement of knowledge. But all of them contribute to create a very stressful environment, which drives us to produce a continuous stream of incremental results to stay abreast of a sea of papers.

I think it is extremely important to think about what it means to be a researcher today, and to find ways to do „meaningful“, instead of fashionable, research. This could mean, for instance, pursuing research work driven purely by our curiosity, research work providing its own motivation; or connect one’s research to concrete, unadressed problems outside of academia. Above all, I think it is of the essence to restore the fun in the practice of science. I hope that, by joining the BRCP, I will be able to contribute finding and sharing answers to these issues.