Timothée Hoffreumon

Timothée Hoffreumon



Affiliated institution

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) – École Polytechnique de Bruxelles (EPB)

Research & Interests

Quantum Foundations (higher-order quantum processes and indefinite causal order mainly)


I admire an initiative like BRCP because it intends to rethink science as I think it should be. Beyond technocratism. Beyond productivism. Beyond hierarchism.

Let me set the record straight: I didn't join BRCP because I think it will fundamentally change the system and solve all these problems over the night. Still, change shall not come from individual actions alone; by gathering in a community of people that share simple principles, we can at least give enough weight to some ideas to be debated. All I’m expecting in the long run is that some ‘unspeakable’ topics -should they be marginalized theories or academic issues- get a chance to be collectively addressed, instead of being collectively ignored by default.

In the meantime, from my experience of the BRCP-sponsored events, I think they provide a way of exchanging ideas between people from a broad variety of fields --something which otherwise is unlikely to happen.
Honestly, how often at your own university did you encounter philosophers casually speaking to chemists about their work? Not to mention that this variety is not solely one of fields, but also of opinions, genders, origins,…
For these reasons, I think BRCP is the closest in spirit to what a ‘university’ should be.